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How to Choose the Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners

by f l 28 Jul 2022

How to Choose the Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners

In addition to being an incredible art form, pole dancing is an amazing exercise and has many other health benefits, too. If you’re curious about pole dancing or are transitioning from bare feet to pole dancing heels, you’ll need footwear that ensures you can grow as you practice. Read on to learn how to choose the pole dancing shoes that are right for your skill level as well as your style.

Why Do Pole Dancers Wear Heels?

There are many material benefits to wearing heels while practicing beginner pole dancing techniques. Heels improve your posture and extend the lines of your pole dancing poses, in addition to adding flair and giving you an extra boost of confidence. While it can seem daunting to dance in sky-high stilettos, pole dancing shoes are constructed to make dancing easier and safer. 

Taller shoes make inversions and other tricks easier by getting you higher on the pole more quickly. The sturdy platforms on Pleaser pole dancing heels help with flexibility, stability, and stretch. Platforms add weight to aid in balance for layouts and build the momentum you need as you practice beginner and intermediate pole dancing poses.

The Right Heel Height for Beginner Pole Dancing

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners is how high of a heel to start with for pole dancing. We recommend our 6” Aspire line, which provides stability for beginners but is high enough to reap the benefits of the platform. Aspire heels elongate your legs and allow you to practice balancing the weight of the platform before you progress to the standard 7- or 8-inch pole dancing heels

The Best Pole Dancing Shoes for Pole and Floor Work

The best pole dancing shoes for you may in part be determined by the types of moves you’re working on. Pole dancers need shoes that stick to the pole and maintain grip while performing spins, fan kicks, handstands, hip dips, and more. Boots are a great option if your goal is to perform tricks on the pole because they have more material to help you hang on.

Floor work requires shoes that will glide across the floor. If you’re working on body slides or sweeps, look for a shoe with a leather or matte finish. You want to avoid glitter or any ornamentation that will wear off, as you’ll be spending a lot of time sliding across the surface of the floor. Long legs and long lines are key for floorwork, and higher platforms tend to help. 

When you’re ready for a 7” heel, the Adore-1020 is a great shoe to add to your collection. The platform is still relatively low, and boots offer protection.

Why are Pleaser Shoes the Best?

There are many reasons why professionals and novice dancers alike choose Pleaser Shoes over the competition. One of the benefits of Pleaser Shoes is the design of the platform. The platforms on Pleaser Shoes are sturdy and made with angled fronts to make it easier to distribute your weight for balance and stability. The size of the platform increases with heel height, so your feet will maintain the optimum angle as you move to higher heels. The bottoms of Pleaser Shoes are made from a one-piece shank, which provides support for heavy wear.

Pleaser Shoes are created using comfortable materials, including a premium padded insole, so you can continue practicing day after day. For added support, select a heel with an ankle strap like the Aspire-608. The extra grip from the clear, vegan-friendly ankle straps is helpful when practicing your spins and leg kicks.

The quality of Pleaser Shoes is a cut above the rest. Once you’ve selected the pole dancing heels that suit your needs, make sure you check out our sizing guide to ensure the best fit for your new Pleaser Shoes. 

Getting Started With Pole Dancing

Once you’ve gotten your shoes, it’s time to start dancing! If you’re taking a pole dancing class, make sure you’re prepared with the right outfit, like gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt. In class, you’ll start with basic moves, like a back arch or carousel spin. Remember, pole dancing is hard work, so go easy on yourself as you learn. Be sure to take a look at our insider secrets to better pole dancing which includes some exercises and recovery techniques. 

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