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Why Pleaser Shoes Are The Best

by f l 22 Jul 2022

When searching for the best pole dancing shoes, professional dancers overwhelmingly choose Pleaser Shoes. In a comparison of Pleaser Shoes versus other pole dancing shoes out there, Pleasers are a clear cut above the rest for many reasons. Pleasers are long-lasting, sturdy, and comfortable – not to mention stunning.

Pleaser Shoes built over 27 years of customer trust and loyalty by consistently adhering to the highest standards. Pleaser Shoes’ quality is a result of the materials, construction, and care that goes into each pair of Pleaser shoes and boots. Whether you’re looking for pole dancing platforms that you can wear all year round or sexy high heels for that extra special occasion, put on a pair of Pleasers.

What Are Pleaser Shoes?

Pleaser Shoes’ massive footwear collection ranges from retro-inspired to pin-up to fetish and more. From pink platforms to thigh-high leather boots, Pleasers push the boundaries of fashion while remaining practical and hard-wearing. These heels are the choice of exotic dancers, fitness models, celebrities, and you! 

What Are Pleaser Shoes Made Of?

Pleasers are lightweight and sturdy thanks to the superior design and construction of the platform bottoms.

The platforms on Pleasers are carefully designed to help you look and feel your best while performing pole routines and floorwork. They are crafted from a one-piece shank that provides plenty of support for heavy wear. They also have angled fronts, making it easier to distribute your weight for optimum balance and stability. These features allow you to build momentum so you can practice advanced pole dancing techniques like power spins, leg kicks, and inversions.

Pleaser’s injection-molded bottoms are created from one of two materials. Both ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) resins and PC (polycarbonate) resins are 100% recyclable and have many benefits. ABS is tough and rigid, with good resistance and stability, while PC provides thermal stability, impact resistance, and clarity. One main difference is color: ABS resins are black, so you don’t have to worry about scratches if you’re wearing a little black number like the 8” Flamingo-896LC lace-up ankle boots with lace trim details. PC resins are clear – ideal if you want to elongate your legs with a pair of 7” Unicorn-708RSH ankle strap sandals, complete with rhinestone-lined heels and 3 ¼” platforms.

Are Pleaser Shoes Reliable?

Let’s look at just one example! Are you in the mood for a patent look like the Delight-1018T 6” tinted platform open-toe ankle boots? Pleaser Shoes uses only high-peel strength patent material that won’t peel or rip while you’re practicing your pole dancing poses. Pleasers are finished with hand-cut recycled rubber outsoles with deep grooves. These outsoles provide optimum traction and more durability than mass-produced, injection-molded outsides which wear down more quickly. For a zip that doesn’t quit, try the 5” ribbon stretch thigh-high Seduce-3028 boots with a full inside zip closure. Pleaser Shoes uses only authentic YKK zippers for superior protection against jamming, separation, or malfunction. Due to their high-quality materials, these shoes will remain a wardrobe staple season after season.

Are Pleaser Shoes Comfortable?

Pleaser Shoes are developed with maximum comfort in mind, so you can wear them night after night. Pleaser’s premium padded insole is made from a 4-millimeter thick high-density latex foam with rubber-based characteristics that retains elasticity and bounciness over time. For added support, select a pair of Pleasers with sturdy ankle straps, like the Adore-708SS holographic gradient ankle strap sandals. Or choose a boot that will hold up throughout any routine like the Xtreme-1020 8” spike-heeled platform boots with 4” platforms.

Are Pleaser Shoes Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, Pleaser Shoes are vegan-friendly! Pleaser Shoes uses premium faux suede material instead of real leather. You can shop our entire faux suede collection for vegan-friendly Pleasers to match any style or attitude.

Do Pleaser Shoes Run True To Size?

After you’ve found the perfect pole dancing shoes, the next step is making sure they fit correctly. When buying platform Pleaser Shoes, we recommend ordering one size larger than your normal size (two sizes if you have wider feet or typically wear men’s sizes). We do not carry half sizes and recommend sizing up if you are between sizes.

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