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All About Pole Fitness

by f l 22 Jul 2022

As anyone who has ever tried pole dancing can tell you, it’s hard work! Lifting yourself onto the pole and doing tricks takes a lot of core strength, upper body strength, leg strength, arm strength… It really is a full-body workout. So why limit this workout just to performing?

What is Pole Fitness?

Pole fitness takes pole dancing and makes it a complete workout. Classes typically take place in studios equipped with poles for students to use and an instructor to guide the class. Class size tends to be small so the instructor can provide personal attention and help to each dancer. Pole fitness classes range from introductory classes that teach students floor work and spin combos to advanced classes that get into inversions and more difficult poses.

What Are The Benefits of Pole Fitness?

Pole is a full-body workout. According to a study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, “an advanced-level 60-minute pole dancing class can be classified as a moderate-intensity cardiorespiratory exercise.” That is to say: it’s difficult! For most moves, you are lifting yourself with your arms and shoulders, twisting your body with your core strength, and using your legs both on and off the pole. Not only is pole fitness working your whole body, but it also helps build your self-esteem, too. Pole dancing is naturally sensual and empowering. As you practice the move sets, you’ll gain confidence in both your skills and your self.

What to Wear to a Pole Fitness Class?

To maintain a good grip on the pole, skin contact is vital. A good outfit for a pole fitness class would be a sports bra and stretchy gym shorts. Of course, you can’t forget your shoes! Heels made for pole dancing may look intimidating, but they’re constructed to actually make your work easier. The toe edge of platforms is tilted to make rocking onto your toes simple and the heels are made from one piece for stability. Pole dancing heels also add a counterweight to your spins and pole tricks for balance.

Pleaser Shoes offers a pole fitness shoe collection with our top picks to wear during class. Boots offer extra stability for your ankles, so try the Sky-1020. These boots feature a 7” heel and 2-3/4" platform, which is a great height for beginners and intermediate dancers. Another classic option is the Adore-708CG. These heels have clear straps that grip the pole and keep your shoe on your foot as you work out. They also have some confetti glitter in the platform for added fun!

Practicing Pole Fitness At Home

If you take a few classes and find you can’t get enough of pole fitness, you can practice at home, too! You can try floor work if you don’t have a home pole. There are many online tutorials, both for free and paid, that can help you with specific moves or whole choreography sets. You can also keep yourself in shape for your next class with bodyweight exercises like Pilates. Anything that works to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core can only help.

Get Inspired For Pole Fitness

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