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Feeling Confident And Sexy In Your Pleaser Shoes

by f l 22 Jul 2022

Pole dancing is all about confidence and sexiness. Dancers strut and spin, making their moves look effortless and sensual. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been dancing for a while, you too can exude that confidence!

Heel Height

It’s important to get the right heel height for you. You will look amazing whether you’re wearing a 6” heel or 10” one, as long as you can walk comfortably. Don’t go higher than you can handle — you don’t want to look like a newborn giraffe trying to stand up. If you’re just getting started, try the Aspire-609 with a 6” heel and plenty of oomph. Or you can check out any of the shoes mentioned in our article about Transitioning From Bare Feet To Heels

On the other hand, if you are an experienced dancer, don’t be afraid to try a new, higher shoe! As heel size goes up, so does platform size, keeping your feet at about the same angle. You’re a little higher off the ground, but you’ve got this. Treat yourself to a 9” pair of Infinity-930LG heels with gold sparkles and strut your stuff!

Shoe Style

Pleaser Shoes come in a huge variety of styles and colors. Instead of worrying about what shoes you “should” get, let yourself dream! What shoes do you want? What will make you feel sexy? Perhaps you want to feel like a badass in thigh-high stiletto boots like the Adore-3063. Or you are searching for something sparkly and flashy like the Adore-1018DCS.  Browse the full Pleaser collection and find the shoe that makes you feel confident and sexy.

Walk Before You Run

Wearing pole heels is a challenge all of its own. Don’t expect to take your first pair out of the box and dance around the room. Before you even try doing any tricks, put your heels on and practice walking. Wear them around your house as you do chores. You want your shoes to seem like an extension of your leg and feel as comfortable in them as you would sneakers. Once you’re used to wearing them, try some simple climbs and spins. Having them on the pole will be a whole new experience to get used to. Remember, these things take time. Slowly, you’ll get used to your new shoes.

Find A Supportive Community

Social media sites are full of pole dancing communities. Whether you want to engage with them or just follow along, make sure you find the right ones for you. Follow polers that are at about the same level as you or just a little bit better. Find dancers who have a similar body type to yours so you can see yourself represented in others and get inspiration for tricks that are sure to look as sexy when you do them. Search popular pole hashtags on Instagram or TikTok or browse the Reddit subpage for tips. Most importantly, find people who you could see yourself being friends with and who are supportive of one another. Don’t give energy to haters.

Record Your Routines

As you get more advanced and try harder moves, record yourself performing them. Watch the video back with a critical eye to figure out where you need to improve. Recording yourself also lets you see how awesome you really look when you’re performing and you can watch yourself get better. You’ll feel confident being able to see yourself as your audience would see you. If you’re part of a supportive community as discussed above, you can share your video to show off or ask for advice. Of course, feel free to keep your videos for your eyes only!

Celebrate Your Victories

Remember, practice makes perfect. As you get used to your new shoes, you’ll get more confident wearing them and be able to do more moves. Celebrate every success. You were able to walk across the room? Hooray! Finally nailed a shoulder mount? Yas, queen! The more you cheer yourself on and recognize your victories, the more confident you will feel. What you’re doing is hard work and you deserve to reward yourself when you succeed. As you progress, keep cheering yourself on. Know that you are sexy and show it off in your moves. In your new shoes, you’ll be feeling yourself and ready to strut with the best of them.

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