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Make a Change with Vegan-Friendly Pleaser Shoes

by f l 28 Jul 2022

You don’t have to sacrifice style to live and dress more sustainably. Many people choose a vegetarian or vegan diet to decrease their carbon footprint. Vegan-friendly products support this lifestyle – it’s not just about what you eat but also what cosmetics, cleaning products, and home goods you use. 

Switching to vegan versions of your footwear staples has a lot of benefits. Vegan shoes are more ethically produced. They contain no animal products, so they are animal-friendly and avoid harm. Vegan shoes are more sustainable, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing!

April 22, Earth Day, marks a worldwide day of service to support the environment. To honor this action, which was launched in 1970, we rounded up our favorite pairs of stylish and sustainable vegan-friendly Pleaser Shoes!

Are Pleaser Shoes Vegan-Friendly?

Many styles of Pleaser Shoes are vegan-friendly! Synthetic materials like faux suede are more sustainable and animal-friendly than traditional suede and leather.

Pleaser’s injection-molded bottoms are created from one of two materials. Both ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) resins and PC (polycarbonate) resins are 100% recyclable. ABS is tough and rigid, with good resistance and stability, while PC provides thermal stability, impact resistance, and clarity. The main difference is color: ABS resins are black, so you don’t worry about scratches. PC resins are clear – ideal if you want to elongate your legs.

Vegan-Friendly Faux Suede Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser Shoes uses premium faux suede material instead of leather. You can shop our entire faux suede collection for vegan-friendly Pleasers to match any style or attitude.

Bring love into your life with the red hot Adore-709FS ankle strap sandals. The red faux suede sandals feature 7” heels and 2 ¾” fully wrapped platform bottoms for a totally romantic look.

The Flamingo-1051FS fully wrapped platform peep-toe boots come in black and gray faux suede. These mid-calf boots lace up the front with convenient side zippers. They come with matching shoelaces and a backup pair of black shoelaces.

The Flamingo-1020FST ankle boots feature 8” heels with 4” tinted platforms. Choose a neutral black or gray, or go bold with pink or red faux suede. 

Spice it up with the Adore-700-30FS in luscious burgundy. The shoes feature fully-wrapped 7” heels and 2 ¾” platform bottoms. The uppers are clear and bring attention to your favorite details: these platform ankle boots lace up the front and back with open toe/heel details.

Vegan-Friendly Black Pleaser Shoes

Many of our classic black silhouettes are vegan-friendly, too! Shop sequined, black patent, and faux leather versions of your favorite Pleaser styles.

Sparkle and shine in the Adore-1008SQ black sequin stiletto ankle boots. The peep-toe ruched upper perfectly coordinates with the chrome-plated bottoms, which feature 7” heels and 2 ¾” platforms. Inside zip closures make these boots as comfortable as they are stylish.

The Adore-1018-3 black patent faux leather boots are a cut above with details like their rhinestone-encrusted lower platforms. These open-toe stiletto heel ankle boots also feature laces up the back and hidden zip pockets.

Turn it up a notch with the Adore-3000 thigh boots in black faux leather. These boots provide plenty of stretch and full inner side zippers for ease. 7” stiletto heels and 2 ¾” platforms round out the look.

Vegan-Friendly Pleaser High-Heeled Sandals

Just in time for summer – these high heel sandals are also vegan-friendly! Whether you love leather and lace or pink and pearls, you’ll find the style that fits your unique personality without sacrificing sustainability. 

Need a statement shoe to go with your favorite little black dress? The Adore-700-14 sandals might be just the thing. These front lace-up sandals feature 7” stiletto heels and 2 ¾” platforms in vegan-friendly black faux leather.

Perfect for sunny days and warm summer evenings, the Adore-701 slides feature clear peep toe uppers and 7” stiletto heels with 2 ¾” platforms. 

Make your mark in the Adore-708 ankle strap sandals in vibrant pink! These vegan-friendly sandals feature classic clear uppers and chrome-plated pink bottoms with 7” heels and 2 ¾” platforms.

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