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Transitioning From Bare Feet To Heels For Pole Dancing

by f l 22 Jul 2022

Bare feet is a great way to start pole dancing. You can feel both the floor and the pole, it’s easier to learn and practice new moves, and you don’t have to worry about balancing. Plus, pole dance is already a major workout, and adding heels makes it more strenuous. 

However, there comes a time in every pole dancer’s life when you want to start wearing heels. Whether you want to up the glam factor, get a better grip on the pole, or embrace a new challenge, Pleaser has the perfect shoes for you. Find the shoes that make you feel like a queen for pole dancing, pole fitness, or stripping.

The Benefits of Wearing Heels For Pole Dancing

Heels have many benefits for pole dancing. First and foremost, they help you look and feel super sexy! Don’t underestimate what heels do for your style and confidence. They elongate your legs, improve your posture, extend your lines, and add flair to your routine.

Pole dancing heels are specially constructed to make dancing easier. The angled heel and one-piece shank provide support and keep your weight distributed. The front sole of the shoe is angled to help with rocking forward and spinning. Padded lining provides comfort for long nights on your feet.

Pole dancing shoes made of patent leather add grip, making it easier to climb and hold the pole. Boots are an especially good choice if you need to improve your grip, since there’s more fabric than on a sandal. Be aware the pleather shoes actually have less grip than skin, making them less ideal for pole work. They are great options for floor work, though, because they won’t stick to the floor as you sweep your legs.

Platform heels are heavy, which means they add a nice counterweight to your body. This makes inversions easier, adds momentum to your spins, and helps balance your layouts. While it may take you a little while to get used to the extra weight, it ultimately helps with your tricks!

Choosing the Right Pole Dancing Shoes

Just like any sport, you need specialized shoes for pole dance. You don’t want to wear just any heels; pole dancing shoes are made for the rigors of dance and floor work. They have a one-piece base so the heel doesn’t snap off, and they provide extra support. The insole and footbox are even for clean lines, and so they don’t get caught on the floor or pole. For height, start with heels that are about 6”. Once you master your techniques, you can move up to those 10” skyscrapers.

If your routine involves spins and twists, make sure you get a shoe with straps. You don’t want your shoe to go flying! Delight-608 heels are one of our best-sellers - and for good reason. These clear platforms combined with clear straps give the illusion of being barefoot with the added benefits of wearing heels. The 6” heel and 1-3/4" platform really make your legs look long and sleek. 

If you want something edgy, try the Delight-1020. These boots are good pole shoes for beginners because they provide support to your ankle. They have a 6” heel and 1-3/4" platform. They’re made of black patent leather, which is great for gripping the pole. The laces add to the style of these shoes, but an inner zipper makes them easy to take on and off. 

If you really want to glam it up, the Adore-1017SRS is your girl. These shoes are bright and flashy, with fringe that will be flying with each spin.  The heels are a little higher at 7” with a 2-3/4" platform. These shoes won’t have as much grip because of the fringe, so be prepared. However, they’re great for dancing and floor work. Hit those heel clacks with confidence!

Breaking In Your New Pleasers

Despite being sky-high, Pleasers are very comfortable to wear! The trick is that you need to break them in. Start by wearing your shoes around the house in short increments. Build up the time you wear them as they get more comfortable and stretch to your feet.

A trick to getting a custom fit from the start is to warm up your shoes with a hairdryer set on low. Do not get them too hot! When you put on the warmed-up shoes and wear them for a little while, they’ll mold to your feet as they cool.

To help you get used to your new shoes, practice walking around the pole and doing floor work. Platform heels are heavy, and you’ll have to adjust to their added weight as you move your legs. You’ll also need to build up your leg and ankle strength. Once you’re comfortable on the floor, you can start practicing your pole work. Remember, it will take practice!

Most importantly, have fun! Your Pleasers will make you feel sexy and ready to dance, so go for it!

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