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Summer Shoes for Vacation and Beyond

by f l 22 Jul 2022

Don’t settle for a low-key summer when you can finally take that dream vacation you’ve been waiting for! This summer is about making up for lost time and checking new events, experiences, and cities off your bucket list.

When you think of summer shoes, you may be thinking of low-key sandals; however, which summer shoes you should add to your closet should depend on your plans. If you’re going big this year with a trip-of-a-lifetime, you’d be surprised how much of a necessity a high-key set of high heels will be. Buy a new pair of Pleaser Shoes to wear wherever your summer takes you.

Pleaser Shoes for Hot Club Nights

Are you cooling off by the pool in Vegas this summer? If so, you should know that pool clubs in Vegas aren’t your average swimming holes. Many have dress codes, and some even encourage heels. The Adore-701N platform slides in baby pink are the perfect party-ready accessory.  

Miami’s thriving nightlife requires style and stamina. You should be ready to go from the pool to the club in no time. Dress in a pair of sexy heels you can walk and dance in all day (or night) long. The Adore-727RS sandals feature dazzling, rhinestone-embellished ankle cuffs and toe straps.

Pleaser Shoes for a European Adventure

After a few years of staying closer to home, maybe a European vacation is in the cards this summer. The best shoes to pack for vacation depend on your travel plans and destination. Step out of your comfort zone with bright colors if you're clubbing in Ibiza. The Sky-309UV platform ankle strap sandals are neon pink and UV reactive, so they’ll stand out in the bright sun and under the club lights! 

On the other hand, you’ll need a classic pair of black heels to fit in around discotheques in Berlin. The Adore-1018 open-toe/open-heel ankle boots are a great year-round shoe for dancing or walking. With 7” heels and 2 ¾” platforms, they are comfortable — and they also feature a hidden zip pocket for convenience.

Pleaser Shoes for Summer Date Night

Kick date night up a notch in the Adore-1031GM ankle boots. These next-level 7” heels feature mini rhinestones across the upper and iridescent glitter on the entire 2 ¾” platform bottoms.

Pleaser Shoes for Summer Music Festivals

Get ready to rock with a full slate of music festivals returning for 2022. The Sky-308N-RBH sandals are great for long days of fun. Our holographic sandals feature 7” rainbow heels with 2 ¾” platforms. They will stand out while still complimenting your favorite festival ‘fit.

Dance and sway in the Adore-1017SRS platform lace-up ankle boots. These festival-ready Pleasers feature 4 layers of neon, UV-reactive fringe and chrome-plated, simulated rhinestone-filled 2 ¾” platforms.

Taking Care of Your Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser Shoes are an investment you want to last after the vacation ends. Using removable, sticky sole protectors reduces sole scrapes and scuffs from walking. You can also order a pack of affordable heel caps to repair your favorite pumps after they wear down. If you’ll be outside, especially by the pool or walking on grass at a music festival, you should waterproof your heels with a shoe protector before their first use. 

Learn more tips for taking care of your heels and shop the widest selection of Pleaser Shoes online now!

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