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Taking Care Of Your Pleaser Shoes

by f l 22 Jul 2022

Whether you’re performing floor work, kicks, slides, or sweeps, your Pleaser pole dancing shoes are going to get worn down over time. Keep your bejeweled, glittery, matte, or leather pole dancing shoes just like new with some extra attention and care. We know your Pleaser shoes are an investment you want to last. Here are a few ways to help your favorite heels stick with you through the years.

Protect Your Pleaser Pole Dancing Shoes

The soles of your Pleasers pole dancing heels can get worn down from all of the tricks you’re doing. Using removable, sticky sole protectors will help reduce sole scrapes and scuff from walking and dancing on stages. There are many clear, sticky sole protectors available that can help you save the soles of any shoe in your collection. If your rubber soles start to peel off, order maximum-strength glue and use rubber bands to keep them in place while the glue sets.

After wearing your favorite pumps frequently, you’ll notice the bottom tip of the heels can also wear down. For a quick and easy repair, order a pack of affordable heel caps. In addition, many pole dancers also choose to cover the platform part of their shoes with shoe protectors to prevent damage during practice. You can even make your own Pleaser shoe protector by cutting up a sock and slipping the ankle part over your platforms!

Keep Your Pole Dancing Shoes Clean

If you have a style of Pleaser heels with a lightly-colored footbed, they can get dirty easily. You can use a wet wipe or detergent on a wet cloth to clean them. A soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush works for cleaning the entire shoe as well. Leather pole dancing shoes need a little more care. Buy a leather conditioner to keep them wrinkle-free and maintain their flexibility. If you notice scrapes on your black Pleaser heels, a Sharpie works perfectly well for filling them in.

Waterproof Your Heels With A Shoe Protector

Keep your pole dancing shoes protected from liquids that may spill on them during a performance by spraying them with a shoe protector before their first use. Make sure to do this with leather and suede pole dancing shoes especially, since their fabric is more prone to damage. There are many protectors to choose from, so find the one best suited to your needs and keep your shoes looking as good as new — even after one of those nights.

Caring For Your Pleaser Shoes

Sometimes after a long night, you just want to kick off your heels as soon as you walk through the door. Really, though, you need to take your time unlacing and removing your shoes to extend their life. When you use one shoe to push off the other, you can crush or scuff the back of your shoes. Instead, we recommend using a shoehorn to reduce damage.

Additionally, try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. They need time to recover their shape and completely air out. This allows the foam in the insole to decompress and get back to regular form. So treat yourself to an extra pair or two of Pleaser shoes to keep them all in the best condition.

Pole Dancing Shoe Storage Tips

Heels require care even when they are not shimmering on stage. Some experts advise storing your shoes with crinkled paper inside to help them keep their shape and dry them out. Shoe trees are also ideal solutions for keeping your heels smelling fresh. Shoe trees are made from wood, most commonly cedar, and are great for absorbing moisture.

Store your pole dancing heels in a dark space at a moderate temperature — they don’t do well in cold basements or humid environments where fibers will wear out more quickly. Closets work perfectly for storing shoes, but if you don’t have room in yours (we get it), consider getting a hanging shoe organizer or a shoe rack.

Shop Our Selection Of Pole Dancing Shoes You’ll Treasure 

The first step to taking care of your shoes is ordering a well-made pair. Pleaser Shoes is proud to feature a wide variety of pole dancing shoes that are made to last you a long time. Whatever style of shoe you prefer, from sultry pumps to sexy knee-high boots, we offer them in a range of colors and materials. 

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