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Shoes For Leo Season

by f l 27 Jul 2022

Does it get more confident and flashy than Leo season? Even astrology newbies may know the sun is the key astrological ‘planet’ for everyone, as well as the key planet for the sign of Leo. This, therefore, is everyone’s time to shine! 


Regardless of your astrological sign (or even your belief in them), taking this time to celebrate confidence, fun, and fashion is never a bad thing. We are here to help you find the perfect bold heels for you to strut in this season!



All eyes are on you, Leo! Good thing you love a spotlight. Stand out in the ADORE-709HGG. All that is both glittery and gold, these shoes will make sure all eyes are on you (as if anyone could look anywhere else!). We know you love a chance to shop, so check out the ADORE-1021G too. They have a glitter-filled platform…. We know we’ve said enough.



Take some time for you this Leo season, and remember confidence comes from within. Stand a little taller in the AMUSE-10. Its high heel of five inches will help you focus on confident posture. Be proud!



Balance comes naturally to most Libras. This Leo season, expect a dose of strength as well. Remind yourself, and everyone else, of just how strong you are while rocking the ADORE-1020CAMO



Just under 100 days until Halloween and Scorpio — we know you are excited! Practice now in the perfect shoes for any costume, and blow us all away come October. The ADORE-3000 is a sexy addition to anything you will wear, with a platform stretch thigh-high boot to really flaunt your legs.



Soak up the energy of a fellow fire sign and let yourself go a little wild! Make sure everyone knows how you’re feeling with ADORE-1020LP. Its holographic leopard print is sure to help you roar. 



Capricorn, think of how far you’ve come! Leo season is a great time for you to not only reflect on your accomplishments but learn something new. Pleaser can help you transition from bare feet to heels! You are sure to be delighted by one of our best sellers as you practice. 



Now is a great time for you to impress a special someone, even if it’s just a friend! Drop jaws with the ADORE-2024RSF. It’s a knee-high boot with not one, not two but six layers of rhinestone fringe. 



If you’ve recently been in your feelings, Leo season brings you fresh forward energy. You cannot resist a mermaid-like detail, and the ADORE-1018SP is the perfect fit for a water sign in a fiery mood. Keep that energy up Pisces, you’ve got this!



Aries, you often want to be the best at everything. This Leo season, show off your insane, and hard-earned, skills with the BEYOND-087. With a ten-inch heel, everyone is sure to say “Whoa!” Just be sure to remember to keep the focus on confidence, not competition. 



Every Taurus knows the joy of staying home and luxuriating in your surroundings. This Leo season, you can stay home but still show off. Keep it both cozy and sexy with the ADORE-709MCT featuring soft details and a smooth shine.



Remember, even Zoom can be a great way of meeting up with people! Impress them all with the ADORE-1018FS. Her delicate details include a lace-up back and open toe. Be confident! This season is a great time for you to schedule a session to highlight your best new trick on #pole insta. 



This Leo season is a great time for you to lean into hobbies. Pole can be used for dance, fitness, and so much more. Do it all in the ADORE-1018CT. Its platform and strap make it perfect for practicing spins and more, while the lace-up back and tinted platform keep it seductive for any occasion. 

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