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How To Find The Best Shoes For Pole Dancing

by f l 28 Jul 2022

Pole choreography requires strength, flexibility, and a high-quality pair of pole dancing shoes. Whether you’re hitting pole dancing poses for the first time or working on more advanced pole dancing techniques, the right shoes can make all the difference. 

The best pole dancing shoes are long-lasting, sturdy, and comfortable. The right pair of pole dancing shoes will also depend on your routine — the best shoes for floorwork may be different than what you need for pole work. We’ve broken it down for you step by step in this helpful guide. Look and feel your best on the pole by selecting the perfect pair of pole dancing shoes!

Why Are Pole Dancing Shoes So High?

There are many reasons why pole dancing heels are higher than the average stiletto. One of the secrets to better pole dancing is that taller shoes make inversions and other tricks easier by getting you higher up on the pole more quickly. Though it can feel daunting to rock a 6-, 7-, or even 10-inch heel, it’s important to remember that the size of the platform increases with the heel height, so your feet will always be at the same angle. Plus, our platform heels have roughly the same arch height as regular heels. The best part is that taller shoes make your legs look longer — what a confidence booster!

Platforms help with flexibility, stability, and stretch. Higher platforms are heavier, allowing you to build more strength in your arms and legs. Platforms act as a counterweight, aiding with the balance on your layouts and giving you extra momentum for spins. The platforms on Pleaser shoes have angled fronts to make it easier to distribute your weight for tricks and a one-piece shank that provides enough support for heavy wear.

The Aspire-608 ankle strap sandals have 6” stiletto heels and 2 ¼” platforms, which is a great place to start for beginners. You’ll still reap the benefits of the extra height without too much additional weight.

Once you are used to the balance and weight of the platform, you can level up a little bit. The Adore-709 classic black sandals feature 2 ¾” platforms with 7” heels. For even more height, step out on the town in a pair of Flamingo-1020 boots. These come in a variety of colors and sport an 8” heel with a 4” platform.

Pole Dancing Boots Vs. Pole Dancing Heels

When you’re using momentum from the pole to perform tricks, boots are a great option because they will help you stick to the pole without flying off when you spin. The Aspire-1020 ankle boots will keep you supported and stable so you remain healthy and injury-free!

On the other hand, you can get some extra grip from plastic or vinyl straps, which makes climbing easier. Ankle straps are helpful for power spins, leg kicks, and inverted tricks because they provide much-needed support at your heel. Strap into a sexy pair of Flamingo-808 sandals and let them work their magic. The clear tops on these shoes will elongate your legs until they look like they go on forever!

Choosing The Right Pole Dancing Shoe Material

Vinyl and patent leather are great materials for pole-work as they have good grip — something you need when you’re hanging upside down! Try the Adore-1018T, which feature 7” heels, 2 ¾” tinted platforms, and open toe/heel details.

Last but not least, pick a style that shows off your personality! It’s important to express yourself, so be sure to look for shoes with fun prints like the Adore-1020CM boots in camouflage.

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