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Get Ready For Pole Dancing Class

by f l 28 Jul 2022

Looking to learn new moves or approach pole dancing for the first time? Sign up for a local pole dancing class! There are lots of classes offered year-round in many locations, and even online classes right from your living room. Start your search with terms like “pole dancing classes near me” to connect with the local community or “pole dance classes” for a wider search. If you’re not finding any results that are exactly right, don’t give up! Especially now, you’re sure to find classes to take remotely with a studio or style that fits you. Once you are all signed up for classes, get ready for the fun to start!

What To Wear For Pole Dancing Class

It’s important to be comfortable while you’re dancing. We recommend wearing breathable, stretchy material that will move with you. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are best for no-snags on the pole. The less fabric, the better! Your skin helps you stick better to the pole. If you have long hair, be sure to tie it back. 

In terms of shoes, they can help make your tricks look even more impressive and lengthen your legs for even more “wow,” plus they provide stability on the floor and a counterweight for spins.  Beginners will benefit from boots like the Sky-1020 featuring a 7” heel, a recommended height for those new to pole dancing. Boots help keep your ankle sturdy and protect your toes when you’re doing heel kips and other floor work. You can also try the 6” Aspire-609, a classic pole style at an approachable height.

Those with advanced experience should check out the Flamingo-1020, available in a variety of colors with an 8” inch stiletto heel and 4” platform. Plus, we also have over-the-knee boots that are sure to turn heads, like the Delight-3004 made of shiny sequins and featuring a 6” heel. 

What To Expect In A Pole Dancing Class 

Before you start your class, it’s good to have a general idea of what to expect. Pole dancing classes usually begin with a warm-up that includes lunges, twists, jumping jacks, and more to get your body loose and ready for the lesson. Then, you’ll start with some basic moves like the back arch, back hook spin, carousel spin, and more.

Remember, if this is your first time pole dancing, it might be hard! The biggest thing is to enjoy yourself, even if you’re not doing the moves exactly how your instructor demonstrates them.  Don’t rush, have fun, and make sure to breathe. Practice makes perfect!

Once you move on to more advanced pole work, you’ll start to learn handsprings and acrobatic pole tricks, as well as working on finessing your individual tricks and turning them into a routine. Whether or not you’re interested in working as a pole dancer, pole fitness classes provide a full-body workout that gets even harder (and more rewarding!) as you progress.

Virtual Pole Dancing Classes

If you’re more comfortable with something virtual, or if you just want extra practice, it’s time to find a sturdy pole for home. Check out the blog Best Dance Pole For Home Use to get recommendations for easy-to-install poles for your space. There are a couple of types of poles, including static poles or spinning poles to add a smooth effect to your tricks.

Don’t be afraid to check social media channels and hashtags to find a pole community. Lots of people are practicing at home and sharing their moves online. You’ll find tips, tricks, and lots of encouragement. The pole family is friendly and welcoming!

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