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Shoes For Halloween And Cosplay

by f l 27 Jul 2022

You’ve got the perfect Halloween costume or cosplay outfit ready to go. You’ve sewn it up or picked out the right pieces. It fits just right. Now, finalize it with the right pair of shoes.

Funtasma has the perfect shoes for every costume — or even daily dress-up. Browse our wide selection to find the right pair of shoes to top off your look. Whether you’re a princess or a pirate, we have the shoes for you.

Hot Halloween Costumes

We know all you cats and kittens loved Tiger King this year, and it’s sure to inspire a lot of costumes. If you’re going to be a tiger this year, check out the Gypsy-03 or the Gogo-300 in gold. Both of these styles are flashy and fun for running and pouncing like a big cat. Or channel your inner Carole Baskin with the Gogo-300FL. With peace signs and flowers, these shoes could only be more Carole if they included cat ears. Pair with your best flowy animal print top, and don’t forget the flower crown. If you’re more of a Joe Exotic type, put on that eyebrow ring, a sparkly top, and a cuter version of work boots with the Jazz-06. Make sure you have all the words to “Here Kitty Kitty” memorized.

More into show tunes? Sport an American Revolution-era costume and practice your rap skills for a Hamilton costume! Be one of the Schuyler sisters with the Dame-05 and get ready to work, work. 

If you wish you were the 5th member of the Rose family, we have plenty of shoes that would fit right into Moira’s or Alexis’s wardrobes. These Schitt’s Creek ladies love their heels, and we think they would be especially drawn to the Arena-2020, a tall black lace-up boot, the Chelsea-58G, a sparkly Chelsea boot, and the Goddess-12, a strappy gold boot. Just grab your favorite wig or big, floppy hat and your motel room key to accessorize!

Classic Halloween Costumes For Every Year

Aye aye, Captain! Show off your seaworthiness in a sailor costume. The Anchor-22 is a cute navy blue heel featuring an anchor charm. Another option is the Lolita-13, which gives off strong uniform vibes with its stripes. Either of these shoes would look sexy with a white or navy blue mini skirt — and don’t forget the sailor cap!

Prefer being under the sea? Everyone loves mermaid costumes! Slip on some sparkly green leggings to represent your tail, then wear the green, scaly Mermaid-70 on your flipper feet! Definitely put some temporary neon color in your hair for true mermaid vibes. These glittery shoes would also look great with a fiery dragon costume!

If spooky season is your thing, our Bloody-12 heels are the perfect addition to a zombie, ghost, or axe murderer costume. These “blood-splattered” heels are the perfect mix of gruesome and stylish. Or you could be a skeleton in our X-Ray-12 heels. Either way, you’ll be ready for some scares this Halloween!

The Perfect Shoes For Any Costume

Even if none of these options speak to you, you’re sure to find inspiration from the Funtasma collection. With so many styles for men and women, Funtasma is ready to complete your Halloween costume. Shop now and be ready to show off for the holiday!
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