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Tried-and-True Black High Heels

by f l 28 Jul 2022

Fashion is the ultimate expression of your personality. What you choose to wear should make you feel sexy, powerful, feminine — or all of the above! For that reason, your best-loved clothing and shoes might be different from someone else’s. Even so, some pieces are perennial favorites for a reason.

Black high heels are a closet staple you can reach for again and again. Some of our favorite Pleaser Shoes silhouettes come in black — perfect for performing, pole fitness, or going out with friends. Find your new go-to black high heels below!

Black Knee-High Boots

Looking to step out in a sleek style? The Classique-2000 stretchy black-knee high boots are comfortable for walking with their 4” heels. The inside zip closures make this streamlined style easy to get on and off.

Add a touch of spicy and sweet when you strut your stuff in the Delight-2029 black knee-high boots. These patent stretch boots feature 6” heels with 1 ¾” platforms and lace-up detailing along the back. 

Black suede shoes are a great way to instantly elevate your footwear game. The Flamingo-2051FS black suede knee-high boots feature the style’s signature 8” heels and 4” platforms. These peep-toe lace-up front black knee-high boots have a fully wrapped platform bottom for an effortlessly cool look from top to bottom.

Black High-Heeled Sandals

Enjoy an update to the quintessential black high-heeled sandals with the vegan-friendly Aspire-609 ankle strap sandals. These adorable and functional high-heeled shoes feature 6” stiletto heels, 2 ¼” platforms and comfortable vegan leather insoles. Wear them with a cute pair of fishnets or show off your new pedicure with the peep toe!

The sweet and sexy Delight-679 faux suede Mary Jane pumps are a perfect date night shoe when you really want to show off your legs. These platform black high-heeled sandals feature an adorable bow, criss-cross ankle detail, and peep toe.

Stomp your way across the stage in the Adore-700-14 front lace-up high-heeled sandals in black faux leather. With 7” stiletto heels and 2 ¾” platforms, these gorgeous shoes are made for the spotlight.

Black High Heel Ankle Boots

One of our go-to pairs of Pleasers for performing pole dancing tricks is the Adore-1018 open-toe/heel ankle boots in black faux leather. These black ankle boots feature 7” high heels and 2 ¾” platform bottoms to provide you with the added height and weight you need when working on your pole routine. 

Another option for beginner pole dancers is the Delight-1020 lace-up ankle boots. The black faux leather material provides added grip to climb the pole, and closed-toe boots give your ankles and feet extra stability. These high heel ankle boots feature 6” heels with 1 ¾” platforms alongside lace-up front details and inside zip closures.

The Adore-1016 black ankle boots are the best of both worlds. With a gorgeous lace-up front detail, open toes and heels, and 2 ¾” platforms, these high-heeled ankle boots are playful and classic in equal measure. 

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