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Witchy Shoes and Boots for Fall

by f l 28 Jul 2022

With falling leaves comes the sudden urge to order a pumpkin spice latte, put on a cozy sweater, and binge your favorite spooky movies and shows. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies have all had their moments, but there is no doubt that fall is the season of the witch!

Which witch are you? Witches in pop culture have often been depicted as scary or evil, but many people find their favorite characters beautiful, strong, and powerful. From the Sanderson Sisters to Sabrina Spellman, you can pay homage to your witch of choice with an outfit inspired by their iconic style. Browse Pleaser Shoes’ selection of fall boots and high heels to find the pair that fits your witchy vibes.

Witch Boots for Fall

Besides a broom, boots are the best accessory to compliment your witch aesthetic this fall. Boots add stability to your ankles and feet and can be worn with socks for an extra layer of warmth when the weather gets cooler.

For a classic witch costume or cosplay, the Vanity-1020 lace-up ankle boots are the perfect fit! A pointed toe and heel pair with lace-up fronts to complete your witch look. With 4” heels and full inner side zippers, these shoes are comfortable as well as stylish.

Make a statement with the Electra-2020 knee boots. These 5” stack-heeled shoes come with 1 ½” platforms and beautiful lace-front details. They’re great for costumes and everyday wear alike – especially if your idea of the perfect coven is The Craft.

If you want a modern twist on witch boots (think American Horror Story: Coven), the Delight-1016 ankle boots have just the right touch of spooky. These open-toe/heel lace-up front boots have sturdy 6” heels and 1 ¾” platforms. 

Lace Witch Shoes

Are you more partial to lace than leather? Black lace is an excellent companion to your fall witch aesthetic because it’s sexy and just a little mysterious. 

The Flamingo-896LC 8” stiletto heels feature 4” platforms. These lace-up front ankle boots feature lace trim detail on the open toe/heel upper. 

For the ultimate lace moment, work the Delight-3025ML thigh-high boots. These 6” stiletto heels come with 1 ¾” platforms and peep toes. These boots feature stunning details including lace-up fronts with full-length back zip closures, lace-appliqued mesh, and buckled straps.

Witch Shoes with a Pop of Color

We love a classic black shoe for fall, but not all witches eschew color. In fact, some of the most well-known witch characters in pop culture are all about a hot hue. 

Live your Glinda the Good Witch fantasy with the Adore-1020CHRS platform lace-up front ankle boots. These boots feature 7” heels and 2 ¾” platforms covered in pink chrome plating and blanketed rhinestone embellishments on the upper. Hot pink will empower you to make your own magic!

Ursula may have lived under the sea, but you can rock her signature color scheme with the Adore-1021MG platform peep-toe ankle boots. This pair of Pleasers features mini iridescent black and purple glitter on the entire platform bottom. 

Red is a color commonly associated with witches in film and television – Scarlet Witch and Melisandre are just two that come to mind.  For a pop of bright red, try the Delight-1010 platform ankle boots. These shoes are sleek and sexy from the front with a surprise blood red corset detail up the back. The best of both worlds!

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