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How To Stay Healthy With 6 Cross-Training Tips For Pole Dancers

by f l 28 Jul 2022

Pole dancers know it takes stamina, strength and flexibility to execute advanced pole dancing techniques. Both pole routines and floorwork require a ton of athleticism, and pole dancers are incredible athletes! In order to continue to look and perform your best, stay healthy by keeping your body properly conditioned.

One crucial aspect of conditioning is working with different muscle groups. If dancing is your primary form of physical activity, then cross-training by incorporating complementary types of exercise will help keep you strong and healthy. Cross-training is important because it builds strength and endurance without overworking the muscles you use when you dance. The benefits of cross-training include injury prevention and faster progression to more advanced moves like spins, dips, and kicks.

So, what does cross-training mean for pole dancers? We compiled a list of 6 tips for how to select the right workout routine so that you can stay healthy while you strut your stuff in your favorite pair of Pleaser Shoes.

1. Build Stamina With Cardio

Incorporating cardio into your workout rotation builds endurance so you can nail your choreography! Cycling or stairs increases stamina while strengthening the quads and glutes. Your splits and sweeps will look better than ever!

Long, clean lines are a key component of pole and floor choreography. The Flamingo-808 ankle strap sandals are a great pole dancing heel. With 8” heels and 4” platforms, they will emphasize your strong, lean legs when you’re pole dancing.

2. Build Muscle with Strength Training

Pole dancing is a full-body workout. Core and upper body exercises are critical because they encourage stability and reduce stress on your lower back. If your routine includes floorwork, you need knee and hip strength, while pole work requires a great deal of upper body strength. When you want to build strength in multiple muscle groups, focus on dynamic exercises like squats with an overhead press that work different parts of your body simultaneously. 

3. Build Flexibility with Yoga

Pair strength training with an activity like yoga that encourages flexibility to improve leg extension on layouts and spins. Yoga improves balance, reduces stress, and stretches your feet! It also helps regulate breathing and upper body strength.

Rock a platform heel when you’re practicing or performing for additional flexibility, strength, and stability. Platforms act as a counterweight, aiding with balance and giving you extra momentum. The platforms on Pleaser Shoes have angled fronts which make it easier to distribute your weight for tricks. The Adore-1025 patent black boots feature 2 ¾” platforms with 7” heels that give you the benefit of the extra height without too much additional weight.

4. Change Up Your Workout Routine!

Incorporate variety into your cross-training plan just like you incorporate fresh pole dancing poses into your routine. Switching it up is more fun, and prevents your body from plateauing.

Variety is the spice of life, so why not add some Pleasers to your closet while you’re at it? Opt for a fabulous print like the Adore-1020SP holographic snake print boots so your personality shines through on stage!

5. Plan Rest Days

Rest and exercise are equally important aspects of conditioning. Practice self-care by taking rest days and pampering yourself a little. Maybe schedule your favorite spa treatment, or treat yourself to that new pair of Pleasers you’ve been eyeing.

6. Practice in Pole Dancing Heels

Last but certainly not least, we recommend you spend time getting used to the heels you plan on dancing in! There are benefits to wearing heels for pole dancing, including improved posture and confidence! Wear your heels around the house in between practice sessions to get used to the added weight and height of the platforms.

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