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Summer Shoes for Your Inner Mermaid

by f l 27 Jul 2022

We can’t believe summer is finally here! This season is a great time to add new pieces to your closet. Whether you’re planning a fabulous getaway with your girls or just want to hit reset on your work wardrobe, finding flattering summer styles requires experimentation and creativity. Beachy waves and mini skirts are always a safe bet, but it’s a good idea to incorporate a few trendy pieces to keep your ensembles fresh and fun.

No outfit is complete without footwear, and you can never have too many options when it comes to summer shoes. Pleaser Shoes has aqua heels, sparkly sandals, and even mermaid scale shoes that will help you stand out (and show off your fresh summer pedicure). 

One summer trend we’re really loving right now is the mermaid aesthetic. Mermaids have resurfaced in pop culture many times throughout the years, so there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from. Whether you’re an Ariel or an Ursula, find the mermaid accessories that fit your style and the season. Channel your inner sea goddess with summer shoes from Pleaser!

Summer Shoes with Gorgeous Glitter

The clear and teal color palette of the Flamingo-808GF sandals reminds us of the sea on a perfect summer day. Holographic glitter covers the 8” heels and 4” platforms, adding extra shine to these shoes — which are equally well-suited to dancing or dinner out on vacation!

There’s plenty of fish and the sea, but there’s only one you! Show off your individuality in the Moon-711MER platform ankle strap sandals. Coupled with cool ombre blue 2 ¾” platforms featuring blacklight-reactive swimming mermaid cut-outs, the iridescent glitter on these 7” sandals looks like ocean waves.

Live your siren fantasy with the Moon-1020MER platform lace-up ankle boots. The black and purple ombre glitter gives off a darker, deep-sea vibe, and the 7” heels come with 2 ¾” platforms which make for a sturdy and comfortable shoe to wear all night long.

Mermaid Scale Summer Shoes

If mermaids could walk on land we bet they would still want to show off their beautiful scales. Luckily, Pleaser Shoes has a mind-blowing selection of heels that let you rock your very own scales.

Be the sea creature you were meant to be in the Adore-1018MSC open-toe and open-heel ankle boots. They feature holographic scale fabric on the upper as well as chrome plating on the 2 ¾” platform bottoms and 7” heels. The 7” Sky-308MC ankle strap platform sandals come with holographic mermaid scale inserts in the 2 ¾” platform bottoms for just the right amount of sexy shimmer. 

No shoe screams mermaid more than the Ariel-708Ombre. Have a blast in these green and blue ombre sandals, which come with 3 ¼” platforms. The 7” heels are adorned with holographic glitter and mermaid scales.

Any Mermaid Can Cool Off With Aqua Shoes

These teal and aqua shoes are just waiting to be part of your world! Our deep blue Adore-708 Ombre 7” heels feature 2 ¾” sparkly teal ombre platforms. The clear uppers elongate your legs and the straps provide just the right amount of stability.

Love a metallic moment? The Adore-709HGCH sandals have teal chrome plating on the platform bottoms and a holographic teal fabric on the upper for a stand-out shoe that will go swimmingly with the rest of your wardrobe.

If you want a bit more height, the 8” Flamingo-808MSLG platform ankle strap sandals stand out from the crowd with holographic glitter bottoms and mermaid scales across the 4” platforms. 

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